课程费用 自筹资金的学生 是分期付款吗 2021年10月8日星期五. Students who do not pay fees will be unable to matriculate (formally join the University). 你将在九月份收到一份详细列出你课程费用的发票. 

如果你的资金来自 英国政府 loan you will be sent a composite fee invoice which will detail your Student Finance Loan. 你将支付任何未被你的贷款覆盖的费用余额 2021年10月8日. 对于每一个你收到你的贷款到你的银行帐户, 你需要将贷款金额存入学院的银行账户.
如果你的资金来自 大学奖学金或学生 或者一个 大学奖学金 可以支付你全部的费用吗, 学院将安排与你的系联系, 起点彩票会安排您每年的课程费用. 如果你的费用是 部分 funded by either a College or University Scholarship then you will receive an invoice stating the balance of fees that will due to be paid by 2021年10月8日.

如果你的资金来自 美国联邦贷款, your annual course fees are deducted from your loan in 3 instalments if your course is less than 12 months, 如果你的课程是12个月或更长时间,可以分4期学习.

如果你的贷款 100%到期费用, fees will be deducted from each termly loan disbursement and any remaining balance will be paid into your UK bank account.

如果你的美国联邦贷款 cover 100% of your fees, you will pay the balance of fees due not covered by your loan by 2021年10月8日.


对于美国贷款程序, 圣克罗斯学院被视为一所外国学校, and the US loan application process may be different to any you have gone through in the past. 

The University’s US Loans Team are not automatically notified when a student completes their FAFSA.

除了提交你的FAFSA, there are several other steps that you will need you to complete in order to apply f或者一个 federal student loan at Oxford. 

请参阅 如何应用 tab on the US loans 网络page where you can find a step-by-step guide on the actions you will need to complete.

外国学校也受到附加规定的限制,所以你应该查看 资格 tab on the University's US Loans 网络page to see if your course is eligible for US federal funding 之前 应用. 请注意起点彩票守则是 G08394 (大学代码).

Once you have completed all the steps listed on the US Loans 网络site and submitted your completed cost of attendance (COA) form, 他们将能够审查和处理你的贷款申请. 美国贷款团队将与您联系,如果他们需要任何额外的信息.

To receive the first instalment of your loan in time for the first scheduled payment of Michaelmas Term 2021, 你完整的申请表必须由 2021年9月10 最迟,以便及时处理.

If you have any additional questions regarding your fees or payments please contact the Accounts Manager at 账户.manager@stx.dkwug.com


The College facilitates many College expenses by offering you a personal ledger of these expenses; this is known as your ‘battels’. 这可以让你支付大学午餐、晚餐和其他各种费用. 

 所有学生都将收到100英镑的发票.在到达之前必须支付00个城堡定金,并且不得迟于 2021年10月8日.

课程完成后,您的100英镑battels押金将被退还, 所有指控都已结案, 和钥匙/能回来.


Please note that you will not be permitted to Matriculate (become an official student of Oxford University) if fees have not been paid by the due date. 请了解如何支付大学发票 请参阅下面的菜单.

十二月初,四月 & 8月, you will be sent an invoice f或者一个ll the expenses you have accrued on battels during that term. 你需要在规定的最后期限前支付这些发票. 



一旦您的财务声明被批准, you will be sent your Tenancy Agreement which must be signed and dated in order to secure your allocated room. At the same time you will also be sent a Room Rental Deposit Invoice of £550 (single) or £850 (couples).  租赁协议及押金, 必须在发票上注明的日期起计14天内退回. 如果协议和付款在14天内未收到, 这个房间将分配给另一个学生.

When the College has received your signed Tenancy Agreement you will be sent a Composite Invoice for 14 weeks’ rental for the period from 27 September (the start date of your Tenancy), 10月, 11月 & 2021年12月.  


此后,租金在13周内付清 2021年12月1日 1月至3月的租金,以及13周后的租金 2022年3月1日 四月至六月的租金.  2022年7月、8月至9月12日的租金到期 2022年6月1

If you withdraw from the University of Oxford, then your deposit will be refunded to you in full.

一次付款 £5.25 will be added to your invoice to ensure that your personal possessions are covered by Insurance.

当您归还您的租赁协议和您的房间租赁押金时, 你接受这个房间并同意支付整个租期的租金.



For UK or EU students, the preferred method of payment is directly to the following bank account:


付款方式也可以是 UK 支票抬头为起点彩票.

起点彩票 has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide a simple and cost-effective service to pay your fees using a bank transfer whether you are an International or UK student. 请访问这里.


  • It allows you to make payment of your fees in your own currency giving you transparency and a clear understanding of the cost of course fee.
  • 获得长达72小时的保证汇率.
  • 使用网上银行/电话银行或本地银行付款.
  • Ensures that 100% of the funds transferred reach the college and that no expensive bank charges are deducted that may delay your registration.
  • Ensures that the payment can be easily identified and allocated by the College giving you peace of mind.
  • It is a secure and quick way to make the transfer ensuring that the College receives the payment promptly.
  • No charges are made by Western Union Business Solutions or the College for this service.
  • 收到你的付款后,起点彩票会通知你.

Please note that direct transfers from an overseas bank account (without using Western Union) may incur charges.
学院必须收到发票上显示的全部费用, 租金和其他费用. 因此,任何银行费用必须由付款人——汇款人支付.


如果您对起点彩票的服务有任何疑问, we have arranged for Western Union to provide a dedicated Customer Service team that can aid you with any additional information on the service and its benefits and/or walk you through the process. 如有任何上述或其他相关查询,请联络: 
电话:+ 44 (0)1
电子邮件:   education@westernunion.com 
Please be aware of the opening hours if making contact by phone: Monday - Friday 8am to 5.英国时间下午30. 


Once you have accessed the payment service via the link above simply follow the next few steps to complete:

  • 输入您的学生信息. 标上*的盒子是必需的. 点击“下一个”.
  • Enter the amount(s) of tuition and / 或者一个ccommodation fees in the relevant fields in £ sterling. 点击“继续”.
  • 选择你的祖国, this will automatically convert your fee amount to your home currency (if your home currency is unavailable, 它将默认为下一个最佳选项, e.g. 美元). 点击“继续”.
  • 你将被报价的数额立即支付. 这个金额可以保证72小时.
  • 下一个, you will be emailed simple instructions in PDF format detailing which bank your fees need to be transferred to in your home country. 你可以使用网上银行进行支付, telephone banking or in person at your bank in the same way that you would make a standard bank transfer. The PDF instructions provided can also be emailed directly to a family member if they are making the payment on your behalf.
  • 接受使用条件.

These instructions will contain an important reference that you must ensure your bank quotes when making the payment. 这个参考可以让起点彩票快速确定和分配你的费用.